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We know the legal system is confusing and intimidating; we want to help you through it. Although we don’t provide legal advice and no outcome is ever guaranteed, our hope is that by using LawGuides, Coloradans will feel more in control, less frustrated, and better able to advocate for themselves.
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Simple, easy-to-understand information about the divorce and custody process in Colorado.

Understandable Information

Even though each Guide is developed by a Colorado lawyer, the information is easy to understand and follow. You won’t find any fancy legal words here; just practical information you can follow.

The Right Forms at the Right Time

Each Guide includes information about and direct links to the necessary court forms when you need them. For more detailed and complex forms, video instructions go through the form section by section to explain what information is needed.

Exclusive Checklists and Worksheets

In addition to the court forms, LawGuides provides exclusive checklists and worksheets available only to LawGuides customers. These checklists and worksheets help keep you on track and work through difficult decisions with greater ease.

Video Tutorials

For more complex topics, like what to expect at a hearing, LawGuides provides video tutorials. These tutorials explain a large amount of information in a way that’s easy to understand.
LawGuides made the legal language easy to understand.
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LawGuides answered all my questions and helped me understand each of the documents I needed.
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Meet the Creator

Lauren Lester

Lauren is an affordable family and estate attorney in Colorado. She believes people shouldn't have to cash out retirement or take on significant debt to complete their divorce or custody case. That's why she's committed to making the law more accessible and understandable. Lauren created LawGuides to help Coloradans navigate the court system with more confidence and control.
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